The best In Natura sweet passion fruit directly for you!

The best In Natura sweet passion fruit directly for you!


About Sweet Passion Fruit

Características Do Maracujá-doce

Characteristics of sweet passion fruit

Native to Brazil, the sweet passion fruit can weigh from 90 to 300 grams, considered larger and sweeter compared to the common passion fruit. Its bark, in addition to being edible, is smooth and yellow to orange in color.



The sweet passion fruit brings many health benefits as it is rich in vitamins A, C and others of the B complex, in addition to being an important source of mineral salts and fiber. The components of this fruit have soothing, antioxidant and diuretic actions.

Consumo In Natura

In Natura Consumption

Obtained directly from the plant, In Natura fruits are totally natural, free from industrial processing. In Natura foods are healthier as they contain more fiber, vitamins and nutrients that have not lost their main components.

Common questions

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Yes. It is a fruit for consumption entirely In Natura, being free from the dangers of industrial processing. 

As the name suggests, our fruits are grown in the interior of São Paulo, in Cajati. 

In all seasons we have delicious sweet passion fruit. So buy them whenever you like. 

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